A New Structured Installment SalesApproach for Real Estate Sales

Learn how this NEW, innovative approach to structured installment sales, as featured in The CPA Journal, can help your clients defer, reduce or potentially eliminate capital gains taxes.

As Featured in The CPA Journal

"The Tax Cuts & Job Acts (TCJA), combined with a prolonged bull run in the housing market, could make this the ideal time for investors to lock in real estate appreciation on investment property, or for business owners to transition to retirement while potentially reducing or eliminating any capital gains taxes they would otherwise owe when they sell."

"When the right set of circumstances presents itself, there may be no simpler way to potentially defer, reduce, or completely eliminate long-term capital gains taxes when selling real estate, businesses, or certain other appreciated assets than a structured installment sale."

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Meet Scott Hill

Scott HillDirector of Atlanta Operations

Scott is an educator and national speaker that has been involved in various aspects of finance and investment planning for over three decades.

Scott began his financial career as an institutional bond trader and trainer in San Francisco, CA in 1983.

He is passionate about discovering tax reduction strategies, eliminating portfolio fees, and providing free financial information to the public.

Scott and his wife, Yvonne, have been happily married for 35 years and have two wonderful sons, Ryan and Geoff.  The Hill's have lived in the Atlanta metro area for 30 years.  They are actively involved in their church and enjoy traveling.

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